Upcoming Events!

NEW Popup Escape Room!  This Saturday from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM!  If you did not get the chance to go to the Valentines Day Escape experience, here is your chance to get in!

You have infiltrated Karzistan’s most notorious crime family.  Can you covertly recover the stolen “Star of Karzistan” diamond before being found by security?

Only $12.00 per ticket!  Get yours at the shop or buy online RIGHT HERE!


Committed to living life with things that are beautiful, useful and family oriented. Vintage gifts, mid century furniture, and tabletop games.

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Rescued Furniture and Home Decor

We carry vintage furniture that is intended to be a beautiful and useful addition to one’s home.  Nothing mass produced, only items that have an element of design integrity, and are classic and valued.

We look for Danish and Mid Century pieces that come from friends, families and people who are ready to have their treasured heirlooms find a new loving home.



  • Bed Frames
  • Bedside Tables
  • Chairs
  • Desks


Decor Items that are older, maintain their particular usefulness, high quality, and classic appeal.

  • Edward Gorey Posters
  • Vintage Print Plates
  • Vintage colorful and fun needlepoint pillows
  • Canvas floor cloths
  • One of a kind switch plate, outlet, tissue box covers
  • Vintage wool blankets


Gifts that are unique, one of a kind, and sourced from remote and unusual places. Our gifts are intended to be offered as thoughtful, individual, and heritage gifts for babies, children, and other life event occasions.

  • Vintage Boy Scout coins- these have a specific use
  • Vintage Wedding cake stands
  • Vintage children’s china and porcelain plate and tea sets
  • Choose Your Adventure Box –  With tools and items meant to inspire curiosity and adventurousness
  • Birthday Box – with banners, cards, cake stand, silver cake knife, and other items.  Every year, a new banner is added, a new note is written, to be opened and read by the child when they turn 18/21/move away.
  • Classic vintage toys