Portable Escape Rooms

We bring the Escape Room experience to you!  Our portable escape room brings you 60 minutes of fascinating excitement!  All that is needed is a table and an outlet, we bring the rest.

MISSION: Diamond Recovery

You and your fellow agents have infiltrated the office of Karzistan’s most infamous crime families, to covertly recover the stolen Star of Karzistan Diamond.  Can you solve the puzzles, find the diamond, and escape before security discovers you?  If you are caught, the agency will disavow any knowledge of your existence.


$120 for one hour, $200 for two back to back events.  Each room supports up to 6 people.  Additionally we bring a smaller escape room game to occupy another group of two to five people.



Trivia Events

Interactive, personable and challenging trivia events brought to you!  Our own format of trivia means that the players don’t have to get up, track score or do any work other than have fun and think about the answers!  Our host brings the questions, the score keeping systems, the PA and the fun.

$200.00  per event – trivia events take about two hours. Up to 40 people per event!



Tabletop Game Events

We bring games to you that are fun, generate laughter, and challenge your creativity!  Our game experts come to you with a variety of games that will challenge, amaze and enchant.

$-Variable, depending on group size and age range.